New Years Wishes…

As we leave another year behind us, I hope you leave behind the things that weigh you down. I hope you don’t have to carry burdens, but instead carry yourself high. Keep good posture, keep a positive outlook and keep your head high. Sometimes, just as long as it’s above water it’s just high enough.

There’s a new year upon us. Let’s mark that. Let’s not make all our days blend. I hope your days stand out. I hope they individually serve different purposes in your life, as different people do. I hope you stand out. I hope you find your purpose too.

Throughout the year remember that you don’t have to be creative to create. Make anything. Make food. Make people happy. Make a mess. Make mistakes. Make amends. Do it all artfully. You are art. And anything you do can be described as such, so you don’t have to try so hard, you’re already it.

When we step into this new year, see the world as new. Forget the word “again”. And do things for the first time, even if it’s not. See it differently this time. Let life surprise you, allow the little things to be big things and mundane things be wondrous things. Notice how easy things can change just by how we view them, and then view them in the best way.