2019 Reading list

This year – 2019 – I’ve decided to challenge myself by making sure my book picks include literature from around the world. After watching the TED talk by Chimananda Ngozi Adichie – The danger of the single story – where she talks about how narratives are too one-sided, I knew I needed to add more views to my reading list. Read books from corners of the world were you’ve never been! Read books written by men, women, LGBTQ, young, old, high and low. Read about love, hate, struggles, journeys, wins, losses, friendships, family, creativity, learning and change.

Currently reading

January – Israel

Thinking fast and slow by Daniel Kahneman

February – China

Wild Swans – Three daughters of China by Jung Chang

March – Ireland

Angelas Ashes by Frank McCourt

April – Philippines

The Farm by Joanne Ramos

May – Netherlands

The Dinner by Herman Koch

June – Japan

Six-Four by Hideo Yokoyama

July – Korea

Pachinko by Min Jin Lee

August – Zimbabwe

The No. 1 Ladies Detective agency by Alexander McCall Smith

September – Nigeria

Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

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