A book a week in 2017!

I invite you to join my book reading journey in 2017!

In 2016 I reached my goal of reading a book a week (though some weeks were longer and some where shorter). I’ve created another page to update which books I am reading, and I will be posting reviews of those books.

I do not in any way expect people to read as much, but I can only hope you might find something in my shelf that might interest you as well.

It will most likely be a mix of old and new books, classics and books that have appeared in my peripheral for some reason, whatever reason that may be.

Since the days between Christmas and New Years are loooong, I’ve gotten a head start on this one – American Gods by Neil Gaiman, and it’s a bit of a brick – 635 pages, so I’m glad I have a few extra days!

I chose this book because it will be released as a TV series by Starz in 2017 and I’ve read Neil Gaiman before and I know his work is something special. I can’t wait, lets do this!

Click here to watch the trailer for American Gods.