“They must have thought me crazy. One day I was east, the next I was west. I never quite knew who I was, and they never quite knew where they had me.” -Anie Hart

Anie Hart is an Oslo based writer with a multicultural background who thinks talking about herself in the third person is bizarre. She is half uprooted from Filipino descent with Indian and greek roots and a half Norwegian heiress (odelsjente) to woodlands. She divides her time all over the world.

Anie considers herself an expression artist in which the medium of expression can change.

She has a background in dance ranging from classical ballet, to breakdancing, filipino folk dance, jazz, tap, and much more. She has performed as a background singer and background dancer on stages all over the world.

In 2008 she went on to pursue a degree in photography, and has since been published in several magazines in both Asia and Europe doing mostly fashion, news editorials and portraits.

In 2014 she began her affair with the written word through creative writing and copywriting and she hopes to publish her own works in the future.


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