Who needs a bookshelf anyway?

My bookshelf broke the other day. Caved in. Gave up. Broke down. It must have been a weak shelf (cause it couldn’t possibly be that I have too many books – theres no such thing!)

I sent out a distress message to my designer friend Tanja (for great design advice check out https://mybasedesigns.com) and asked for help and inspiration on what to do with the books now in a pile on the floor. Without missing a beat she sent me pictures of books stacked and displayed in so many creative ways!

Now, my apartment isn’t as big as some of these spaces, and I was skeptical to whether piles of books would look good in a smaller space. But I found that it works! (I guess books just look good however and wherever they are!) I’m happy with how it all turned out and removing the book shelf actually opened up the space a little bit. (Wish I had before pictures, but you’ll just have to trust me on this.)