DNF: A little life by Hanya Yanagihara

I tried, I really did. I started reading the book and about 200 pages in, I completely lost interest. So I did something even I myself am having a hard time understanding – I bought the audiobook! As if the audiobook was going to keep my interest if my own reading couldn’t! So dumb. I ended up zoning out or falling asleep.

This might be the heaviest book I have ever attempted to read, and when I say heavy I mean topic wise. It is so serious, depressing, and sad. Now, I don’t necessarily shy away from those types of books either, but it may be that I had absolutely no anchor point to what was going on in the book whatsoever. There was nothing keeping my interest, and nothing I could relate to, identify with or even begin to understand. This is how far from my reality this was. So maybe

it just wasn’t for me, because I have nothing particularly bad to say about it either. I can’t in good conscience review this book as I didn’t even get halfway through. It’s a 700+ page doorstopper! And I just wasn’t going to force my way through.

If you loved it, then by all means, tell me why and maybe I’ll try again.