Turtles all the way down

I’ve learned to keep my cool in the event of releases in the states as it rarely arrives in Norway on the same day. But to my surprise, the bookstore down the street and around the corner had copies!

I first came to know John Green when the son of a family friend posted on his blog a desperate video of him literally running to the bookstore to get his latest book. They were showing this video at a birthday party and while everyone was busy watching him running and sweating and going nuts, I was busy trying to figure out which book was causing all this hoopla! It was of course – the fault in our starts.

I read it and loved it and read all of John Greens other books and loved them too. I like his quirks, I like how he explains things, I like the relationships he creates and the journeys he takes. I like the voices he gives to characters, some I feel like I know intimately. So now I’m just like the boy in the video running to the bookstore. Only I took my bike, cause it’s much faster, and I got my copy on the day of the release.

I also sprung for a signed copy, but that was only available for the US, so I sent it to my godmother in Seattle, where I’ll be visiting in January. But there’s no way I’m waiting for January to roll in before I read this one. In fact, I’m abandoning my current read and jumping straight into this one.