Review – The girl with the lower back tattoo by Amy Schumer

The girl with the lower back tattoo by Amy Schumer
Published: August 16th 2016 by Gallery Books
Genres: Nonfiction/Humor/Autobiography/Memoir/Comedy
Pages: 323

Literary Awards
Grammy Award Nominee for Best Spoken Word Album (2017)
Goodreads Choice Award for Humor (2016)
 Just finished reading Amy Schumer’s book and I will paraphrase her on this: She was honest and fair, and she demanded the same from all of us. But it was exhausting (I didn’t sleep last night!).
Even though she made everything more fun and exciting, it’s a relief in some way that I am done with this book! (I could not f****** put it down!)

Amy made sure I laughed and didn’t take any shit. She made me feel better. She demanded that I feel better. It could be exhausting, but I will miss it. I will miss her. But she’ll always be with me. But not really, because as I mentioned, I finished her book.

I think Amy would like that review, I mean, she kind of wrote it. That being said I’m going to add this: I think it’s the best book I’ve ever read. Yeah. I said it! 
Here’s why: The book has everything. It’s heartfelt. It’s funny. It’s sad. It’s honest. It’s a cautionary tale. It teaches you something good. It teaches you something bad. It’s scary. It’s serious. It’s full of jokes. It’s both real and unreal. Just as life is a specter of all those things, so is Amy Schumers book.

I think we all need reminders of how life never is just one thing. We shouldn’t caricature ourselves so much that we lose our layers and our humanity. This book could have easily been predictably shallow and humorous (I am sure many expected or even wanted that) , but Amy put heart in it an made it so much more. At the same time she reminded me that I don’t need permission to think, feel, be or love in any way shape or form.

I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone based on one thing: It leaves you feeling empowered. And if that isn’t a remarkable thing to fuel someone with – through the power of stories on pages, I don’t know what is.