Anie’s Book Club Week 3

Do you know who Amy Schumer is? Personally I’d say she needs no introduction, she’s pretty hard to miss.

At times she just makes a spectacle and other times she’s so incredibly inspiring that I tear up!

I first noticed her, truly noticed her, when she was shot by Annie Leibovitz. I found the photograph extremely moving and beautiful in its simplicity and confidence. img_2343

She was also hard to not notice when she took a dive on the red carpet in front of Kim and Kanye. Only to be stepped right over! Haha it’s just too funny! I love people who have the guts to act out!


When I saw she had released a book and it was the winner of the Goodreads 2016 choice of Comedy book, it was a given. Of course I was going to read it!

So this is week 3 – The girl with the lower back tattoo by Amy Schumer! Can’t wait to read this one!