Beautiful world, Beautiful you

Broken world, broken you
Continents and hearts broken into
a million places, a million pieces
all within the hold
of our stories still untold

One world, one heart
both broken apart
lost places, forgotten faces
the world goes on
and you still belong

Beautiful world, beautiful you
what can never be lost or untrue
remote places,  hidden parts
beauty is found everywhere
you mustn’t be afraid to go there


They call it pangaea, the time the world and all its continents stuck together and was one. A supercontinent. Like that time you thought you were indestructible. The time you thought you would live forever. The beginning of the world. The beginning of you.

The world was one, it was broken to pieces. And yet beauty is found in every corner of it. We travel far and near to bear witness to it’s beauty. We don’t see it as broken at all, do we?

Be the world within you, broken and full of magic. You don’t have to view yourself as broken either, do you? Find miracles within yourself in between your  many cracks. Every person is a beautiful world with hidden places within them selves, I’m sure of that.