Love lock

There are bridges all over the world where people hang their relationships in love locks. You know the tradition. The one where the lovers buy a padlock, put their initials on it, go to the bridge, pledge eternal love, locks the padlock to the bridge and throws the key in the river, sealed with a kiss – unbreakable love.


It’s a sweet gesture, it’s a piece of everyday magic, it’s the kind of magic you create yourself. A little piece of hope amongst a million others hoping, that theirs will be true love. It’s a sweet superstition.


Then there’s a bridge between Norway and Sweden where there hangs a sole red heart padlock. Somehow it felt more significant to me. It stood out. The only one on the bridge, the only on in your heart, the only one in the world. That’s how we want it to be isn’t it?


I hope they make it. I hope all the millions of coupes make it. And if they don’t, there will always be a little piece of them locked together on a bridge.


We locked our love to a bridge
With our hopes in forever
What does the lock do now
That were no longer together
Two hearts with a key in the river
Forced to hang around an eternity
There we are unbreakable darling
Locked away in it’s memory