I still haven’t figured out time.
Sometimes it’s wrong,
sometimes it’s right
It seems the most versatile kind
Hardly as loyal as I am
Sometimes it’s my time,
sometimes it’s your time
And in it’s most popular
It’s in it’s prime
It is also quite powerful sometimes
I hear it heals all wounds
And of all that it consumes
It can be big
It can be small
At times it doesn’t matter at all
You can waste it
You can take it away
There is a time to leave
And a time to stay
Theres the big time
And also one that’s small
There’s an alltime high
And an alltime low
It belongs to all seasons
And to night and day
You can tell it sometimes
And when I asked your for it
You gave it away
It stretches occasionally
From short to long
You can be in time
Running out of it
Or wanting more
Whether it’s part, full or past
Doubletime or quick
The time I really like it
Is when we savour it
Time passes and we pass time
I want to make the most out of mine
I will spend mine wisely
 my lifetime