Battle of the book clubs – May!

Spring is here and I think we’re all ready for some good books to bring with us out in the sun, to the parks, beaches and vacations. May this year has a lot of great long weekedends to enjoy a good bookbinge, so those big bricks are welcome this month too!

I’ve had a good reading drive lately, reading the 6-7 book club picks and 6-7 self picked of heavily influenced books on the side. But April was brutal when it came to the books I chose and that were in the book club picks! So many DNF books! I’m hoping May will be a better month for chosing the right books to read!

So far my little project is going well, I am learning new things about my taste and I am getting to read a varitey of books I wouldn’t have read otherwise. I think I will cut a few book clubs after this summer, if they haven’t produced one single book I have enjoyed. But I’m not there yet!

The May book club books:

Read with Jenna: Chain-gang all-stars by Nana Kwama Adjei-Brenyah

Yeeeeaaassssssss! I’m so glad a book club chose this book, because it is HIGH on my TBR! A battle royale type story that takes place in a prison, where the winner’s price is release from said prison. I loved the hunger games series, and I just rewatched all the movies during easter, so I am sooo ready for this one!

Reese’s book club: Did you hear about Kitty Karr? by Crystal Smith Paul

Historical fiction from Reese this month with a generational tale going back to old hollywood and a family tree that has split into white, black and mixed. When Kitty Karr leaves her fortune to three black sisters, questions are raised.

I have to say, I love reading mixed race books, because I relate to that, but I don’t trust the Reese picks anymore. But hopefully it will be all I hope it will be.

GMA book club: The Nigerwife by Vanessa Walters

This is a mystery thriller about a woman who goes missing in Lagos, Nigeria.

HBO is making a mini-series based off this book, and they are describing it as a fusion between White lotus and Little fires everywhere! Can’t wait, cause I loved both of those!

Diverse spines : A living remedy by Nicole Chung

A highly anticipated memoir about family, class and grief as she searches to understand the lives of her adopted parents.

This is my kind of book! Can’t wait!

Books that matter: Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto

I’ve had this book on my TBR for the longest time, I’m glad i finally have the push to read it. A feminist novel that came out in 1988 in Japan.

(Fun fact: This book was recommended by BTS’s RM and has been a booktok and bookstagram favorite for years.)

Belletrist: I could live here forever by Hanna Halperin

Leah is studying for her MFA and has finally found a sense of belonging in her cohort. She meets and falls in love with Charlie, a recovering heroin addict, but she is also dating an older responsible type. Described as walking the fine line between couplehood and codependency.

Looks like a beautiful and difficult story with flawed characters and I’m here for it! It sounds different and good! Can’t wait!

Oprah’s book club: The Covenant of Water by Abraham Verghese

I haven’t read this authors previous novel that sold 1,5 million copies and stayed on the bestseller list for 2 years, but I’m going to read this one!

Set in Kerala in India, this is a generational tale of a curse that follows a family. I am so excited for this one!

Amerie’s book club: To be announced…..