Book Review – Ducks, Newburyport by Lucy Ellmann

I didn’t do my research before picking up this one. I thought I was going to read a regular old thick novel about a housewife in the trump era. Little did I know what I was in for!

So this would be my warning. This book is an exercise in breaking all the rules of writing. Completely devoid of periods or a completed train of thought. Completely different from anything I have ever read it’s hard to place in a category or compare to anything. The best way I could possibly describe it is as a list of a attention deficit house wife’s inner thoughts, jumping from one thing to another, groceries, memories, observations, songs, movies and whatnots. On the other side of it is a story of a mountain lion and her cubs, that occasionally interrupts the ramblings that is this book.

I am sure this book can be analyzed into whatever the reader chooses to put into it. In that sense it is very versatile. The danger could be standing too close and not seeing the forest for nothing but trees. Personally I took a leap back and and can sum it up to this – what matters in life is the nature of things that we see through the eyes of the lioness – and the rest is just noise. It’ how life is, it’s how it should be, and if we calm the fuck down, we can go back to the nature of things.

The fact that humans have this ability of self reflection and thoughts is our downfall. If we learned how to mute our thoughts and neurosis, we might enjoy life and the simplicity of it a little more. Took me a thousand pages of rambling, not only to figure that out, but to crave it.