2019 Reading Challenge!

Good news all around! Book sales are up and have been on the rise since 2013, so reading is becoming more popular every year! YAY!

Wether you read physical books, e-books or audiobooks, it’s always fun to do a little challenge, so I made one for 2019 that you might want to join! It’s twelve books, so it comes down to a book a month, which should be feasible for most! (If it’s not, then you need to alter your schedule, because reading is a must to keep the noggin healthy!)

Here’s the list I’ve made for 2019! The rest is up to you!

  • A book by a nobel prize winner
  • A book by an asian author
  • A book with a one word title
  • A book you picked solely because of the cover art
  • A book by an african author
  • A book with a flower on the cover
  • A debut novel
  • A book originally published in a language that is not yours
  • A book with a color in the title
  • A classic you’ve never read (that everyone else seems to have read!)
  • A memoir/biography
  • A book published in 2019

(And if you want to go for gold and do an advanced version of this, try changing the origin of the story or author with every pick! Wouldn’t it be exciting to fill your library with literature from around the world?! I’m definitely going to try!)