Review – The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

The graveyard book by Neil gaiman
Published: September 30th 2008 by HarperCollins
Genre: Fantasy, Fiction, Young adult, Horror
Pages: 307

The brilliance in Neil Gaiman’s stories lie in his ability to create a world unlike any other. He takes you to a place you have never been before and he shows you around slowly and lets you take it all in. I think this is where the line between who love his work and who just don’t get it goes. If you want the story to go from a to b, while keeping you interested and following a path, you won’t like his books. Because here we are in a brand new universe and there is no path, there is no a to b and every detail is a discovery and a story in itself.

In the end, Neil describes how he visited a graveyard with his child and that’s where he got the idea and he started writing chapter 4. And Chapter 4 could have been a stand alone short story, as with several other scenes. This might sometimes make cohesion difficult, but it is there, it just isn’t the most important part. What you have to be able to do is lose yourself to the world and allow it to show you things without any expectation.

I’m going to admit that I struggle with his books, because I have to constantly remind myself of this, but in the end, his book stick with me because they are so different and special. I’ve read tons of thrillers, crime, chick-lit and others and sometimes I forget what the book was even about. That never happens with Gaiman’s books! And if that isn’t the mark a brilliant writer, then I don’t know what is.

This being a Young Adult novel, I found it easier to read than some of his others, but the world was just as complex and wonderous. The devil is in the details, and here, there are several devils to look for!


My copy had some really cute illustrations