March is for crime right?

March reads – Thriller/suspense/crime/mystery

I think it’s only a Norwegian tradition, but easter is crime time. The tv stations love showing Poirot and other old school crime shows. And all the crime novels get a front row seat in the bookstore. There’s also usually a anthology crime book in circulation with short stories of great crime writers made for the occasion.

I am no different, a week off work with nothing to do but read and eat chocolate and oranges, sign me up! 

To really get the full effect I’m reading some Poirot myself, planning on both reading and watching Murder on the Orient express. And I really want to read Red Sparrow before I watch it, but I don’t know if I’ll have time. I also got my hands on a very fragile copy of “Ten little niggers” now renamed “And then there were none.” (Which I think is a topic that can be debated for hours – the rewriting of classics. Should we or should we not rewrite history?)

Or maybe I’ll pick up one of my favorite crime writers, like John Grisham, Harlan Coben, John Hart or Michael Connelly. Or maybe even try something new, I saw that Stephen King was recommending “The chalk man” and goodreads has great lists for mystery/thrillers, which I believe is one of the best selling genres of all.

Happy mysterious easter!