New Years Resolutions 2018

Last year I did a New Years wish /resolution about entering a new year with a new outlook. Seeing things in new ways, and trying new things. This year I want to focus on opening up and internalizing that as peace and acceptance.

Open your mind a little wider, so you can think a little further. Be more understanding, towards others and yourself. You don’t have to push yourself so hard all the time, know your weaknesses as well as your strengths.

Open your eyes a little wider, so you can see the bigger picture. You’re going to want to see the beauty inside some people, but what you need most is to see the beauty inside yourself.

Open your arms a little wider, so you can embrace humanity. But more importantly, embrace yourself, all your flaws and all that you want to be. Hold on to that love through the hard times and that will set you free.

Open your heart a little wider, so that you can make room for the things that remain in your heart. You don’t have to push anything out, have patience with the lingering things, maybe they still need you, maybe you still need them.

It’s the last day in December, last day in 2017, last year for some, first year of others. The remarkable New years wishes unites the whole world under an umbrella of new hope. We vow to leave behind worry, fear, doubt and negativity and make room for more laughter, love, giving and positivity.

I hope, wherever you are, and whatever you’re doing, that you feel at peace when the clock strikes midnight. If the only thing you did last year was get through it, well, then at midnight, celebrate that success, cause you made it!