Book Club Pick Week 40

Everybody has a book that they remember as “the book” that bit you and made you a reader.

I was always a reader. I was the kid that learned to read when I was 5 because my grandfather would sit with me and read all weekend, every weekend.

I started with all the classic Grimm tales, fairytales and disney tales. Graduated to the Hardy boys and The Bobbsey Twins and eventually to Sweet valley high and Nancy Drew.

Then I became a teenager and it stopped. I didn’t read for years.

At 19 I was driving home from the city and I stopped by a gas station and I saw they had books in the corner. I don’t know what compelled me to get one, but I picked up “The Partner” by John Grisham. And I was bit. I was bit hard. I told my dad about it and found out that he had every book Grisham had ever written and we bonded over these books. I read every single one of them. Even “A painted house” and “Bleachers” that people said I should skip, cause they weren’t “traditional Grisham”.

Turns out I read myself a little sick of Grisham, and I ventured out into the world of books and tried many different things. I found that I enjoy book from all genres and that my taste is very wide. And I enjoy switching it up. I’ve skipped several Grisham books, to dig into new and more unpredictable waters. But this summer “Camino Island” caught my eye.

I saw articles that claimed that “Grisham was back” and “Best Grisham ever” etc. and decided that I couldn’t skip this one. Grisham turned me onto books for a lifetime, and while it’s been a decade since I read my last Grisham book, I’m ready to dive into this one. I have a feeling I won’t be disappointed.

Camino Island