Book Club Pick Week 39

“Big Little Lies” won big at the Emmy awards this year, and for good reason. I adored that show, just as I adored the book. “Big little lies” was my first Liane Moriarty book and I was so hungry for more after I finished that I immediately picked up another one. I read The husbands secret in Norwegian and I was unimpressed. And I don’t even know why. The story just didn’t capture me, it had me dragging after it kicking and screaming.

After that I jumped off the Liane Moriarty wagon. I saw people pick up “Truly madly guilty” and other books, but I wasn’t biting. I just ignored everything I saw, I figured it was a one-off. That magical creature that I’d spent time with was unique and I had to stop looking for another unicorn.

And it to my lap falls “What Alice forgot”. I struggled with this for a while. I just sat there with a big “should I bother or should I just throw it out” battle in my head. I read a few pages. Dropped it. Read a few reviews. Dropped it again. Read a chapter and thought, hmm, maybe I can get in to this.

So here I go again, hoping for another miracle!

What Alice forgot