Book Club Pick Week 33/34

Playing catch-up this week since I fell behind during the summer, but I’m almost halfway on two different books so I’m not really behind. If I could only learn how to stick to one thing at the time, I’d be golden!

I’m starting off with Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine – which is the last book I started, but the one that has captured me the most. I’ve seen a lot of rave reviews on this one as it’s one of RW’s book club picks as well. Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine


I also started a norwegian book that has been sold internationally and will be relased soon. The history of bees by Maja Lunde. I would classify it as science fiction (sort of) since it binds three stories together over a long period of time. Three stories set in 1852, 2007 and 2098.

The history of bees

So what’s everyone reading this fall? Are there any new books coming out that one should look out for? Or have I missed a great summer read that I should pick up right away before snow falls?