Review – The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah
Published: February 3rd 2015 by St. Martin’s Press
Genre: Historical Fiction, World War II
Pages: 440


This is opinion is going to be extremely unpopular as I’ve seen the common opinion is high praises. I’ll try not to be too negative in my review.

If you like fast-paced books with random french words in them, then this is the book for you! It’s so fast paced actually, that in the matter of two pages, she manages to grab her valise, escape a strike, fall in love with her true amour and be absolutely devastated when he leaves her while she sleeps. (How long did she know him? I have no clue, there’s no time frames, about ten sentences long.)

And this happens all the time, I kept flipping back and forth between pages and checking the page number to see if I had missed something. Her sister Vianne goes off to work , Isabelle grabs the valise and packs some things to hide them, takes them out to the barn and there’s her sister catching her in the act!!! (Damn sister, teach me how to work those 5 minute work days!) Merde!

I skimmed a few chapters and then I got even more confused, less interested and absolutely irritated. I had such high hopes for this book! I might also unfairly had hoped it would open a portal of interest for me into the historical fiction genre. Unfortunately for the genre, I’m not a believer.

I’d rather read Elie Wiesel and other real accounts a thousand times over than some fictional story about love and whatnots using a topic that is so real and hurtful as a mere backdrop to fit its own agenda.
Needless to say, I couldn’t finish it; life is just too short to finish bad books.

Nightingale back

(If you’re on goodreads look for Gabriella’s review of the Nightingale. It’s on her “shit-list” and “why -did-I-Even-Finish-this-list” – She says everything I want to say, but can’t be bothered to! -Also I didn’t bother to finish it, so she has much more material to crap on seeing as she actually finished it! Her review was more entertaining than the book to me.