Book Club Pick Week 10


A Monster Calls is a book for young readers age 12-17, yet I’ve seen so many adults reading it, and I take that as a sign that this book holds something special.

It’s also been made into a movie (I seem to have a theme nowadays) and of course I like reading the book before watching the movie.


I think the movie poster sparked my curiosity more than the book cover (Hollywood magic you say?) But it’s the inside that counts right?

I know very little about the book and I think that’s one of the best premises to start reading. (Usually, not always!) To learn what is happening as you go along is much better than going into one with your guard raised knowing you’re about to get knocked in the teeth or jerked around plot twists.

Will definitely watch the movie after, and I usually think the movie sucks after reading the book. The exceptions on the list of bad movies made of great books are few and far between. But still we always watch don’t we?