Book Club Pick Week 7

I picked this book solely for the amazing cover, I mean, just look at it…


Some serious work went into creating this cover! Which is a far cry from the year I spent working in publishing and cringed as they only used boring stock photos for book covers. That was so disappointing to me. This is on a level on its own!

The detail just blows me away!

Anyway, after gushing about this cover, which I first saw on Goodreads 2016 choice awards list as a nominee for YA books, I found that it has many other compelling qualities that makes it a must read! First of all, it embodies my favorite topic: Multiculturalism! Being mixed-race myself, why wouldn’t I be occupied with this topic?

There’s also handfuls of other awards this book has building it up and a sibling called “Everything, Everything” which I haven’t read myself, but will be out as a movie in may 2017 and if I’m believing the hype, is quite amazing. I might have to read that one too, if I should love this one.