A broken heart song

Nothing feels right anymore
nothing makes sense
We are taking a hundred steps backwards
And yet we are getting ahead of ourselves
Our Forward motion
Leads to Backwards drift
Everyone cheers at the heads rolling
Tell me what did I miss?

What future are we creating?
What past are we running from?
If we are defending our country
Explain to me the innocent we’ve gunned down
Our own people
By Our own hand
We chose to give a known killer
The right to command

Tell me more about the time that’s gone
How’s it different from the time to come
History repeats itself and we keep doing it wrong
How far are we going to take it and for how long?
The world is watching
The beloved tyrant
Slaughtering everyone that gets cross
As we sit here reliant

Don’t act like this is the first time
We’ve seen this before
Slayings of people we don’t want around anymore
If you were holding the gun would you be torn?
The country is a tomb
Dreams die in the womb
You might not understand the consequences yet
But you will see them soon

When your neighbor is dead
When your brother is dying
That’s the time when it’s too late to start crying
Don’t forget you took part in all the deciding
One human right lost
Until they are all gone with honor
How is the fury of the heartless so much stronger?
Love won’t survive here much longer