Pride and perseverance

Don’t say a word
I’ll never find you
Behind your silent lies

Turn and look away
I’ll never find you
Behind your closed eyes

Run and hide
I’ll never find you
Behind your beautiful pride

You can give yourself that pat on the back now, you’ve accomplished what you set out to do. Shut everyone out, alienated everybody, but at least you stayed true to you. Can anybody really live up to the standards you demand? Does nobody deserve a second chance? Are you yourself flawless in your stance?

I believe in flaws, I believe we are all human, I accept apologies and I also pursue them. I know of errors, I know of mistakes, but we must not let them be the defining moment of a persons character or how we look them in the face. Just as we must not blindly idolize the golden. It’s status is something nobody can manage to hold on to. And at the end of the day if we cannot accept each others humanity, what good are we?

I will not look for you behind your pride, what good would it do you if you died? I would take an outstretched hand, but again, that’s not a thing I can demand.