Single or married or whatever…

The opposite of married is not alone. One is not the loneliest number and single does not mean lonely. The number of unmarried women is rising, and for good reason. We have gained rights and along with those rights came independence and ability to provide for ourselves. Believe it or not, not everybody is meant for marriage, partnership, kids, pets etc. The debate on this has just started, people are disbelieving that some choose live out their lives unmarried or unattached. Let’s agree to disagree, let’s be more accepting of peoples life choices because what is right for some, may not be right for everyone.

How was I baited
Into you versus me
You call me isolated
I say you’re domesticated
Should we agree to disagree?

Why this hatred
Of our differences
You call me ill-fated
I say you’re incarcerated
Lets end these useless stresses

This is exaggerated
I think we’re both right
You call yourself assimilated
I see myself as liberated
Should we end the fight?

We are both educated
We make our choices
You call it being elated
I say I am exhilirated
Let’s find a better way to use our voices

Neither should feel humiliated
Together – many or few
None should be discriminated
All should be celebrated
The only difference is the view