Open eyed dreams 

I wake up to another night gone by, another empty darkness interrupted by the shimmering light.

I wonder where my mind will wander today.

Maybe I will have my breakfast in the fields of Athenry, savoring each bite before I head to work on a busy New York street.

If the elevator at work is full maybe I will climb the kilimanjaro stairs while all the pictures on the walls along the way come to life and join my voyage.

Everyday I open the office doors to a new scenario, it may be a wondrous library or the backdoor of an opera house. The music plays and each song can take me anywhere.

The hunt for coffee brings me to the dominican republic while a maiden in Switzerland adds a little milk, maybe I’ll try the coffee in Guatemala next.

Lunch depending on how I look at it, is an old canteen, but other choices can bring me to the beaches of Thailand or a corner in Hastings. I can drink water straight out of the waterfall in the mountains of Norway.

I take the tram home jumping straight to San Fransisco without even closing my eyes. I go to the market in Manila for some fresh vegetables and cook my dinner over a fire in Yellowstone.

Days can be short, days can be long, I can travel far and wide or I can stay in the same place, there are no limits to imagining.

Above my bed is a dream catcher, but that’s not where I do my dreaming.